With continued advances in IT and information security, regulatory audits and assessments are now a very common requirement.

While the regulatory assessments are required to meet certain needs, the best way for a company to fully understand their exposure to a breach before it occurs and all areas where risk should be addressed is to undertake Business Tolerance testing. This is simply because it is in the mode of a self-assessment. By self-assessing the risk, you and your team can focus attention on the risks that matter the most to you in terms of your business, your customers and your financial plans.

A Business Tolerance test would be an internal process to examine all areas of risk to your company and internal processes and the impact it would cause in the event of a breach. This would then allow you to become better prepared should a breach occur. Once complete, you and your team would create a detailed risk ranking that would label your most critical risks for evaluation and consideration.

Equantiis can help you with your Business Tolerance testing analysis and processes. Our consultants have been involved in internal risk assessment processes and acting in the role of trusted advisor to clients like you in cases where customers perform risk analyses and/or assessments.

Paul Forrest
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