Corporate Strategy vs Commercial Strategy – What’s the Difference?

Defining a company’s strategy both corporate and commercial are imperatives for long term survival, particularly in the age of commoditisation where customers are spoilt for choice.

A business’ corporate and commercial strategies should work in tandem and be aligned to maximise the value proposition.

Equantiis’ mini guide to strategy outlines the key tenets of both commercial and corporate strategy.

Change Management – A 10 Step Guide

In major transformations, the focus is normally on devising the best strategic and tactical plans. But to succeed, you must also consider the human side of change management – the alignment of the company’s culture, values, people, and behaviours – to encourage the desired results. This guide contains 10 steps to make this happen.

Cyber Security – Not an I.T. Problem

Cyber is not just an IT problem, but how do we change this mindset amongst organisations and their C-suite and boards? Equantiis explores the methods used to make Cyber Security an organisation-wide responsibility.