People’s Postcode Lottery GDPR


Attaining and Maintaining GDPR Compliance

People’s Postcode Lottery is a subscription lottery in Great Britain, it was launched in the north of England in 2005 as a pilot scheme. After a successful launch, it expanded into Scotland in 2007 and Wales in July 2010. Not only do players win cash prizes, but good causes also receive essential support

The Challenge

With the new privacy regulations coming into force, People Postcode Lottery saw the opportunity to improve their ways of working and ensure they are an exemplar organisation when it came to data privacy to best serve their customers and prospects. 

As part of their marketing campaigns People Postcode Lottery invested in direct mail telling potential prospects the benefits of becoming a subscriber, the organisation was keen to discover how the new regulation would affect this. The organisation was looking for an advisor who could guide them through the process of selecting a partner who could supply them with compliant data to run direct mail campaigns. 

The Solution

People’s Postcode Lottery appointed Equantiis to support them in this project due to their knowledge and understanding of the regulation as well as their procurement expertise.   
Equantiis commenced the project by working closely with the inhouse council, this included giving them a background to the new regulation, correcting misconceptions of GDPR and informing them of their rights to use data.  
Following this Equantiis ran a rigorous procurement process, benchmarking data service organisations on how they acquire and hold data. Equantiis were then able to recommend a partner to PPL based on the organisation meeting a specific criterion which met regulations as well as internal policies on data. 

The Outcome

Equantiis’ independent approach to supplier evaluation and knowledge of the GDPR enabled People Postcode Lottery to select a supplier with full peace of mind that they would be held harmless under the new regulation when carrying our direct email campaigns.  

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