Transforming the Student Experience


Working together with the University of College Estate Management to enhance their users digital experience.

The Challenge

The University of College Estate Management (UCEM) had a mission to enhance their users digital experience as part of their 2020 vision, the University felt they were not responding to the needs and expectation of their students and staff.

Constraints of their current operating model included;

  • Poor student experience
  • Numerous disparate systems
  • Little flexibility for future initiatives
  • Limited investment in technology
  • Lack of efficiency
  • Technology didn’t always support international markets

In 2015 UCEM’s newly appointed COO, Tim El-Hady, engaged with Equantiis with the objective of gaining a holistic view of the current business operating model, so that this could feed into the overall business strategy to deliver against their 2020 vision to enhance student digital experience.

The Solution

Equantiis engaged with all UCEM’s key stakeholders including the board and senior management team to gather all their existing initiatives and projects along with the current business strategy to develop their strategic target operating model.
The next stage was for Equantiis’ consultants to bring all these pieces of information together to provide a complete picture of the business activities and prioritise accordingly based on the immediate, mid and long term business goals.

Once all the identified activities had been prioritised Equantiis then aligned the required technology project to each activity along with the estimated timescale, budget and resource to complete the activity.

Equantiis was able to provide UCEM with a clear and concise transformation map and technology improvement road map, which looked at their internal processes, student management system, CRM, finance system and integration into web to allow the organisation to successfully execute and deliver towards their 2020 vision.

The Result

UCEM selected Equantiis as a delivery partner, to be responsible for vendor and change management.

Firstly, Equantiis conducted an in depth requirement gathering exercise, mapping the existing ‘as-is’ processes and engineered and designed the ‘to-be’ processes.

Following this Equantiis then carried out a detailed market analysis and ran the procurement process for UCEM. Once the successful suppliers were chosen Equantiis assisted in the implementation and successful adoption of the technologies into the business.

Key Benefits

  • Holistic unbiased view of the business
  • Facilitated discussions with key stakeholders across the organisation
  • Clear transformation roadmap including phases, timelines, resources and implications
  • Clear technology and improvement roadmap
Neil Hedges

Are you engaging with your students? Are you equipped to deal with the next wave of student demands? Do you have the best student experience to be proud of?

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