Manchester Met – Transforming the Student Journey


Equantiis builds the strategy and supports the delivery of the Student Journey Transformation Program.

Student Journey transformation.

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), one of the largest universities in the UK, recognised they needed to embark on a Student Journey Transformation Programme focused on enhancing all aspects of their business processes and core technology systems across the student lifecycle.  MMU partnered with  Equantiis to deliver this programme due to the certainty of outcome provided.

The aims of the Student Journey Transformation Programme included;

  • Improve the student journey and engagement though technology innovation
  • Simplify processes and update systems across the student lifecycle
  • Improve the ability to deliver and support non-standard provision (e.g.Continuing Professional Development, Transnational Education and apprenticeships)
  • Provide better information to support student retention and progression
  • Enhance student support and the way we provide services to students

The Challenge

Manchester Metropolitan University embarked upon the Student Journey Transformation Programme in order to enhance every aspect of the student journey. The programme, sponsored by the Registrar, Professor Karen Moore, was a large-scale business change initiative which aimed to deliver improved student experience through every one of the University’s touchpoints in the student lifecycle.

MMU needed support to help build the strategy for change, unpick the unmet needs of the students and get to the root cause of the challenges within the institute to then be able to offer an independent prospective in supporting the selection of new technology platforms that will underpin the strategy.

The Solution

Equantiis and MMU partnered together to build out a well considered and robust strategy to support the vision of transforming the Student Journey.

Equantiis was charged with using a robust and comprehensive method to understand, capture and articulate the required business outcomes. This included identifying key aspects of the desired student experience.

From this strong baseline of understanding, Equantiis and Manchester Metropolitan University assessed, selected and implemented the most appropriate technologies to deliver The Student Journey Transformation Programme’s objective of improving the experience for all who work, study and engage with the university.

The Equantiis team was built from a multi skill set compromising of Business and Technology consulting that could unpick the complex and political challenges within the institute into a workable and proven solution

Equantiis bought an external prospective and challenged the current ways of thinking within MMU to ensure a new way of thinking was considered in delivering the desired outcome.

With over 8000 business process re-engineered and 60 system integrations considered, Equantiis delivered a pivotal insight for delivering the transformation successfully.

Most importantly however, Equantiis equipped the MMU team to become self sufficient so that the skills for running workshops and programs remained in house and formed part of the continual improvement culture required to successfully support the ambitious vision post go live.


The Result

Equantiis’ outcome approach allowed MMU to identify the root cause of challenges within the institute that were directly effecting the student experience.

This allowed MMU to really engage with student in order to deliver a better experience through rebuilding of business process and replacement of core technology platforms.

By remaining engaged throughout the program, MMU partnered with Equantiis to ensure the project remain aligned to the original purpose and that the internal project team could then effectively move forward in owning continual improvement changes as part of their new culture.

Key Benefits

  • Build of strategy and business case to support the Student Journey Transformation
  • Measuring the Student Experience
  • Uncovering the root cause of issues within the institute
  • Re-engineered over 8000 business process
  • Support an independent procurement for the Student Management system
  • Technical skills for API integration into other systems
  • Program governance
  • Requirements gathering from a process led perspective
  • Initial cost savings identified

"Equantiis has worked flexibly and as an integrated partner working with University colleagues and has delivered at speed whilst adding value and challenge to our project and supporting colleagues in understanding the change and transition.”

Transformation Director
Manchester Metropolitan University

Are you engaging with your students? Are you equipped to deal with the next wave of student demands? Do you have the best student experience to be proud of?