London Institute of Banking and Finance Technology Strategy


Paving the Way to Technology Transformation

The Challenge

LIBF was already perfectly aware of their technology needs and had planned ahead to support their business goals. However they wanted to consolidate this knowledge into a visualised, structured plan of action.

They also wanted to prepare for organisational change and other needs that would surround their gradual changes in technology between now and 2023. Risk mitigation and operational excellence would need to form part of this plan to allow for the organisation to prioritise and budget for digital transformation.

The Solution

Equantiis’ Consultants worked alongside key stakeholders within LIBF to understand their vision, current technology infrastructure and the changes in process and technology that would need to occur for them to meet their 2023 aspirations.

We structured and prioritised their technology needs, helping to plan appropriate budgeting and time-frames for each piece of work.

The Result

Equantiis developed two separate transformation map visuals to convey LIBF’s plan. One focused exclusively on technology needs, this ‘Technology Transformation Map’ illustrates the key pieces of software that will be introduced over the next few years and when this will happen.

Equantiis also developed a ‘Digital Transformation Map’ to support it, covering a wider range of digital initiatives that will bring business advantage to them over the same time period.

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