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Bolstering Cyber Maturity in Financial Services

Equantiis Client is an independent Wealth Manager that specialises in providing investment management services in the UK and internationally. They operate in offices across multiple countries, and offer services and advice to individuals, pension funds, institutions, charities and trusts.

Equantiis was engaged to conduct a Cyber Security Review with the purpose of assisting development of a strategy for managing Cyber Security alongside the Client’s business growth strategy. ​

The Challenge

Following recent changes in the Senior Management Team, the Client is developing a business growth strategy and is keen to ensure that risk mitigation and security are at the heart of their future technology and business plans, in order to meet regulatory requirements, help differentiate its products and services, and deliver operational excellence.

Whilst the Company has an internal cyber function, it was keen for an external audit to ensure that there was an aligned approach in delivery and that ‘security’ was seen as a shared organisational issue across the entire Group’s radar. They also wanted to consolidate the findings into a visualised, structured plan of action that both technical and non-technical staff could understand.

The Solution

Equantiis Consultants interviewed key stakeholders and worked alongside them across the business to understand their future vision, current technology infrastructure, and how their internal processes helped them meet regulatory requirements.

From this, we were able to understand and articulate necessary changes in process and technology that would need to occur for them to meet their aspirations.

The Outcomes

Equantiis established a baseline for the Client against their maturity model, and developed a detailed report and Transformation Map (covering 18 months) to visually convey the activities that would reduce the threat landscape and when they should happen. This focused on ‘people & partnerships’, ‘processes’, ‘physical assets, systems & technology’, and ‘organisation governance’.

"Equantiis played a critical role in helping us identify our next steps in our security strategy and through multiple staff interviews, helped embed security culture into non-technical teams within our organisation.”

IT Security Manager

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