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Equantiis work with the CLA to prepare for a Digital Transformation.

The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) assist customers in legally accessing, copying and sharing the published content they need, while also making sure that copyright owners are paid royalties for the use of their work.

The Challenge

CLA, like many organisations, aspires to deliver the best possible customer experience whilst improving operational efficiency underpinned by a “Digital First” approach.

CLA’s core system had been in place for 6 years and provided the core functionality of business operations within CLA. Built on a number of manual operating processes and now facing incompatibilities within the system, CLA had been unable to make necessary upgrades, and therefore the platform was not supporting the overarching businesses aspirations.

CLA appointed Equantiis as their strategic partner to guide them through the initial phase of their Digital Transformation.

The Solution

Using Equantiis’ proven Digital First framework and working alongside the team at CLA, Equantiis gathered valuable insight into the existing Customer Experience by using Equantiis’ journey mapping tool which highlighted visually the areas of improvement from a customer’s prospective that needed to be factored in as part of the transformation.

With this insight, Equantiis then carried out an analysis on the business processes and detailed an opportunity summary on where processes could be automated or re-engineered.

Following this exercise, Equantiis then facilitated a number of workshops to ascertain the businesses functional requirements that would need to be considered as part of the underlying technology to support the transformation.

Equantiis’ Digital First Framework ensures an organisation has considered the fundamentals of People, Process and Technology that make for a successful transformation before any significant investment is made.

Everything is delivered in a clear and visual output to ensure it is well understood and adopted.

The Result

Working alongside the team at CLA, Equantiis were able to provide CLA with a clear overview of their current “As-Is” Customer experience, underlying business processes and outline the requirements the new technology investment required from the business.

The benefit of this exercise meant that CLA could comfortably go to market and procure the right solution with clearly defined requirements, working practice and desired customer experiences.

This provided suppliers with a comprehensive and robust view of operational requirements and suppliers had a clear understanding of CLA’s needs and what the desired customer experience should look like.

Most importantly, CLA were then equipped to enter contract negotiations for a fixed price based on clearly defined business outcomes the partner could deliver against.


"Equantiis have enabled the CLA to really understand our customer and what it is like to deal with us. This knowledge allowed us to define our digital transformation based on customer and business requirements, not from technology functionality. The process was engaging, insightful and has started a foundation for a successful change within the organisation.”

Neil Hedges

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