Chartered Institute of Building CRM Transformation


Reducing Costs and Increasing Member Engagement

The Challenge

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) has been at the heart of the world’s construction industry since 1834, supporting more than 45,000 members in more than 100 countries.Their2020 vision is to improve their operating efficiency and increase member engagement and satisfaction.

Constraints of existing CRM included;

  • Limited reporting functionality
  • End of support technology
  • Unable to meet internal process requirements
  • Poor user adoption in branch networks.
  • Unable to support new business initiatives
  • Poor experience for member’s engagement

Like all registered charities, CIOB needed to be sure that any investment made was carefully considered and adhered to driving best value for itsmembersand supporters. CIOB decided to select Equantiis to be their transformation partnerfor this project. Their internal IT skills were limited and they wanted to benefit from using a technology agnostic partner to ensure they got a product which fulfilled their business requirements.

The Outcome

The first step Equantiis took in helping CIOB select the appropriate CRM platform for their organisation was to carry out a definitive requirements gathering exercise. This involved interviewing various stakeholders within the business and understanding their needs as well as a technical analysis to understand the existing data within the CRM and its technical infrastructure.

The next phase of the project was using Equantiis’ process mapping tool which carefully modelled the ‘as is’ environment of the business processes within CRM.

Equantiis’ Business Analysis highlighted where improvements to the business processes could be made which formed the “to be” environment. One of the advantages of doing the “to be” environment within the Equantiis Process mapping platform is the ability to build a business case on how process change will drive cost savings which in essence deliver against any investment required within the new platform.

CIOB now had a clearly defined specification to go out to market for a relevant supplier to deliver against.

The procurement process was carried out on CIOB’s behalf by Equantiis which included; the creation of a detailed functional spec document, a fit gap analysis definition, a clear “to be” environment the supplier should deliver. Following these exercises, an RFI was sent to suppliers who were then invited to come in and demonstrate their product and show how it would meet the business requirements. Following this invites were sent to respond to a formal RFP.

Responses were scored based on functional requirements, technical delivery, project methodology, ongoing support and cost. The findings were presented back to the board, along with the board of trustees with a recommendation of which supplier to engage with.

The Outcomes

Following the RFP process, Equantiis oversaw the implementation of the new platform and ensured the project remained within both the budget and timeframe set.

The CRM system was integrated with the website, finance system, event management and knowledge hub to provide a seamless experience for members.

Adoption was key success criteria for CIOB and in order to support this, all the new processes for the new CRM were stored in Equantiis’ process mapping too along with training documentation making them easily available across the business for training and user improvement.

The real benefits of the investment made by this project will be mainly realised by all members globally of CIOB who now get to enjoy a membership experience driven by excellence.

The journey CIOB has undertaken really drives its membership engagement and CIOB continue to look at improving the processes and engagements with members in order to continue being the world’s largest and most influential professional body for construction management and leadership.


"Woking with Equantiis has allowed us to reengineer our organisation and put our members first.”

Ray Ellison
Director of Change

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